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Floor Scrubber

Our floor cleaner detergents have super strength formulation removes even the toughest grease and grime. These hard floor scrubbers are low foaming, specially designed for machines with suction driers. Ideal for cleaning large warehouses, rapid grease cutting ensures only one pass of the machine is required. Can also be used as a domestic floor scrubber as well as industrial floor scrubber. Unperfumed, the product will not taint in food storage areas. Suitable for all heavy duty scrubber drier machines and for general machine scrub applications. Our range of Floor care detergents can help you clean a wide range of surfaces.

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Hard Floor Scrubber

Cleaning agents can be applied for daily floor cleaning in hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, office buildings, supermarkets, or on commercial and industrial floors for removing coatings and films or in the case of severe soiling. Regent Clean’s floor scrubber Detergent assists with the removal of dirt and soiling from all hard floor types, whilst caring for the floor surface. It is specially formulated for optimum cleaning as well as quick drying action as well as leaving a fresh citrus scent. Our special floor cleaning products are the perfect addition to floor cleaning machines.

Professional industrial and commercial cleaning supplies are distinguished by the fact that they are made to tackle the specific dirt and floor they are to be used on. We offer especially strong and high-alkaline floor cleaners, fresh-smelling all-round detergents, and special detergents and janitorial supplies for escalator cleaning. Regent Clean’s best floor scrubber polisher thoroughly removes dirt, dust and residues from hard floors in a single pass leaving surfaces instantly dry, clean and safe. From maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning, polishing and even stripping, our floor scrubber cleaning solution delivers outstanding cleaning performance, every time, improving health and safety in your business while increasing cleaning productivity. Browse through our range of best quality floor Scrubber for sale and buy now at great prices.

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