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Floor Stripper

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The purpose of floor stripping chemicals is to dissolve the existing floor finish, so it can be removed without harming the flooring. Floor Stripper Cleaner rapidly penetrates and removes even aged-on metallised and non-metallised polish film from floors. Tile Floor strippers are created to work with a floor cleaning system, so you want to use a flooring striper that is designed to work with a particular line of daily cleaners, burnishing chemicals, and floor finishers. Regent Clean floor chemical stippers are powerful, high active formulations.

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Evans A047 Surestrip floor stripper, 5 litre

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Removes the most stubborn floor polish. These are the best flooring stripper cleaners as they are quick, powerful and have effective action. Suitable for use in a spray stripping system. For use on a variety of surfaces including vinyl, rubber etc. Alkaline-based, low-odour and free of harsh solvents and ammonia, Floor polish liquid, hard floor cleaning solution & stripper produces a receptive base for a new polish application. It removes stubborn and resistant polish film. Can be also used as wood polish remover. It has very effective use in conjunction with a floor machine. Also suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. Floor stripping chemicals are recommended for use in schools, airports, hotels, factories, shopping centres, pubg and offices.

Floor stripping procedure

For a proper floor stripping procedure, start with sweeping the floor to remove debris. If there are labels or anything sticking to the floor, be sure to scrape them off. Have “wet floor” signs in place to avoid foot traffic and to warn caution. Prevent floor strippers from getting on any neighboring floors by using a flat piece of cardboard to step onto. Place it next to the floor being stripped and use the cardboard to wipe the bottom of your shoes.
Use a wringer bucket to pour the floor stripping products into. With water, adjust the dilution proportion based on the amount of floor build-up that is being stripped.

Choose a mop that is to be used for floor stripping only. Dip the mop into the hardwood floor stripper fluid and do not wring out. Allow the stripper to pour onto the floor and begin coating. For a larger floor area, split into sections and strip each section separately.
Allow the stripper to react with the sealer for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not allow the stripper to dry but if it happens, spread the floor with the mop. Make sure the floor is evenly wet. Use a mop to spread the stripper if it runs. After the 5 to 10 minutes are finished, use a floor scrubbing machine or auto scrubber equipped with a rotary stripping pad and begin stripping the floor.

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