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Regent Clean offers an extensive range of washroom cleaning products & other washroom supplies. The washroom supplies catalogue is having quality products like toilet cleaners, maintenance spray, mold cleaner, multi-surface cleaner for cleaning purpose. The washroom hygiene products, especially sanitizers are key products for industrial and household washrooms. Air fresheners are available to make the washroom lively. These quality products are best suitable for bathroom cleaning needs. The commercial washroom supplies fits best to clean the commercial washrooms. Our range of quality sops are good for body wash and cleaning.

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Washroom Cleaning supplies UK

Every sector needs a good atmosphere and washrooms are one of the important areas that need to be clean. Whether that is Industrial washrooms or washrooms at home. Hygiene is very important in every washroom. To keep it clean a quality product is very essential. Our online store is the best washroom cleaning supplies in the UK.

The cleaning chemicals, sanitary bins, air care, and vending machine are best fit for cleaning the washroom. Our online store is a one-stop-shop for selective cleaning products. The products are selected by trained and experienced staff for the requirements of washrooms of every sector. Why to shop around for the washroom cleaning product, whereas this online store has the best available washroom cleaning products in the market.

Best brands are available to buy like Evans cleaning products etc. These important brands suggest that our store is equipped with quality products. Our expertise helps us to select the best of the market. Customer delight is the policy of the organisation and it can be achieved only supplying the quality washroom cleaning products.

Luxury Hand Soap 

Until 2020, hand soaps were on low priority in our shopping list. But as time teaches about the importance of hygienic hands the priority of hand soaps in our lifestyle increased. Every industrial and home washroom must have hand soaps. To view our range of Luxury Hand Soap

Toilet Roll

Every toilet needs some essential hygienic products. Toilet paper rolls are one such thing. These rolls help you with cleaning and wiping purposes. Toilet paper should be very clean as it makes direct contact with your sensitive area. Our exclusive collection of toilet paper rolls will ensure that you choose the right one for your toilet roll.

Toilet Roll Dispenser 

As you read about the toilet roll above, how important is the toilet roll for every toilet? So we need the right toilet roll dispenser to handle it, don’t worry Choosing the right toilet dispenser for your bathroom or other areas of the home is now easier than ever. Discover the wide range of dispensers that will ensure you to make the right solution for your toilet roll dispenser

Skin Care Products

Enjoy skin care treatments with items from our excellent skin care collection. From Hair shampoo to hand cleaner paste, foam perfume-free bactericidal soap to Lotion after work cream, you'll find some sensible, oily and blended colors. Our skin care products are as important as luxury plumbing like wiping make-up to increase moisture. Skincare station board gift sets are a great choice for a loved one; Includes the best skin care products around us. 

Toilet Cleaning Chemicals

The toilet is one of the most used seats in your home, which means a special level is needed when it comes to cleanliness. It goes without saying that a toilet seat can be a haven for many bacteria and viruses. A dirty toilet can be harmful to everyone. So it is important to clean it every day.Our products will help you with this task. We lead the way with a wide range of toilet cleaner chemicals. Which cleans your toilet seat without any hard work.


Let us help you easily keep your washroom clean

Our perfect selection of washroom chemicals are utilized by bathroom attendants, public toilets, & home members & more to clean the washroom completely & efficiently. Apart from that we also stock a huge collection of hand soap, paper wipes roll, air freshener & so on at cheapest prices from Regent Clean UK.

Save More money for less with our efficient range of acid toilet cleaner with pure aroma, floor cleaning chemicals for home, commercial cleaning products & other important industrial Cleaning supplies.

Washroom chemicals are prerequisites for making the washrooms and toilet areas hygiene and germ-free. Our washroom cleaning chemicals come in different variations, including acidic toilet cleaner, germicidal washroom sanitizer, concentrated low foam floor cleaner, heavy-duty acidic bacterial cleaners, and super bleach chlorine tablets. We designed the products in such a manner by considering public health as our priority. These disinfectants have antibacterial properties that can easily clean the affected areas and help in sanitizing your bathrooms.

Commercial Washroom Products

However, we also deal with commercial washroom supplies. We are highly concerned with providing the best quality supplies in schools, hospitals, and offices. This enables public toilets to look highly fresh and sanitized. Hence, we are providing the products from top brands in different sizes and colors, which are as follows.

  • Katrin: It is the UK”s the best brand and it includes various products like toilet rolls and dispensers.
  • Evans: It is one of the leading brands and it offers various products specifically toilet cleaners, disinfectants, window glass cleaners,  neutralizer sprays, multi-surface cleaners, Germicidal sanitizers, multi-purpose cleaners, air fresheners, and spray bottles
  • Selden: This brand includes products like maintenance sprays, furniture polish, multi-surface cleaner wipe, air freshener, concentrated washroom cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, and floor cleaner.
  • Reinol : This is the best brand you rely on and offers a variety of products including hand cleaner, bactericidal soap, luxury foaming hand soap, and hand sanitizer.
  • Regent: It includes toilet rolls, toilet roll dispensers, and industrial floor wiping rolls products and one of the best brands in the UK.
  • Mirus: This brand offers products including super bleach chlorine tablets and top brand for industrial products.
  • Tork: The brand provides products of the highest quality mainly toilet rolls.
  • Northshore: One of the leading brands and includes products mainly roller towels.

Apart from washroom hygiene products, we also have a good quality of washroom accessories like dispensers and fancy spray bottles that will enhance the decor of your bathrooms. The products are available from the UK's top brands in varied sizes and colors. Get your washrooms fitted from the highly experienced staff in no time. We have both in-store and online store of washroom cleaning supplies, so feel free to buy bathroom equipment online.
We aim to deliver guaranteed quality products within next day service. It’s time to provide the best services that will meet your needs and demands. Login or Register for free. Visit regent clean or Give us a Call  0121 347 7010 for detailed information.

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