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Soap Dispenser

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Using a soap dispenser is more hygienic than using a bar of soap, especially when used in a public place where the soap is used frequently by lots of people. A sink gets more grimy when there is soap left on it, requiring more cleaning and maintenance. Not only are soap dispensers great for eliminating harmful bacteria, they also require minimal upkeep - with their large capacities they do not need refilling too often.

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Wall mount dispensers 1000ml

Disinfect your kitchen and bathroom with a wall mount hand soap dispenser. Our 1000ml foam cartridges dispensers are easy to fit at the wall. A wall mounted soap dispenser is a closed, sealed container which is used to dispense a measured dose of liquid or foam soap into the user’s hands before washing, and are usually triggered manually by pushing on a button or lever. They can be secured to a wall and easily hand soap refill by changing the soap cartridge, making the design perfect for use in workplaces and public facilities.

Hand Soap Dispenser

Our hand soap dispensers offer a hygienic and economical method of hand washing. Using a wall mounted soap dispenser will save space and allow easy access around hand washing areas, perfect for any high-traffic kitchen, bathroom or washroom.

Hand Soap Refill

It doesn't matter how you use it. You can make it brand as you like, then use soap and glory hand sanitiser in it or Dr soap hand sanitiser you can use with your favorite brand. Hand soap refill dispenser is also ideal for use on a busy day - allowing you to quickly clean your bacterial hands and protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

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