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Zofflora is your perfect companion for a clean home. Zoflora cleaning chemicals 3-in-1 Action Formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness and cause odors, as well as fill your home with a beautiful fragrance that lasts for at least 24 hours.


Zoflora 500ml Linen Fresh Concentrate

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Does Zoflora Cleaning Products Really Clean?

Zoflora Cleaner, which is a disinfectant, cannot grease but it will remove visible dirt and kill 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces and sponges. This will kill the bacteria that cause the odor, removing the odor from the source instead of masking them. For really dirty jobs, start with a cleaning spray to cut the grime.

Multiple Uses Of Zoflora For Refreshment

As mentioned, Zoflora kills 99% of germs and also cleans the air around it. In addition, cleaning products will cut down on grease, remove surface odor and leave a clear odor - this will kill the bacteria that cause the odor, removing the odor from the source instead of masking them. Spray Zoflora daily at home for refreshments as it removes odors. Take four drops of Zofflora and mix it with water and spray the diluted solution on the mat and leave it to dry. Apart from Smelly shoes, Fridge freezer, countertops, Kitchen bin, cupboard door, tap, sink, drain cleaner, Coffee table, remote control, fake flowers, shelves, mattress, Changing mat, bath and shower, toilet brush, bathroom surface, Toilet cleaner, outdoor furniture, and play equipment & Garden tools, etc.

Best Disinfectant For Cloth

Although Zoflora disinfectant is a concentrated disinfectant for home cleaning, you can also use it to clean your clothes. Zoflora has lots of fragrances to choose from, but we feel it would be best to use a linen fresh scent in the washing machine as it will give you a perfectly fresh, freshly washed scent.
Zoflora concentrated disinfectant

Bring the fresh scent of freshly washed linen to your home with this spirit-lifting, delightful blend of classic linen, fresh cotton, and delicate violet. Zoflora is a concentrated multipurpose disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses, helping to protect your family from potentially harmful germs, while also eliminating odors to make your home a beautiful scent throughout the day. Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant that can be used in clean or diluted water. 500 ml of Zoflora. Makes about 20 liters of full-strength disinfectant.

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