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Selden V300 Low Foam Floor Cleaner 1 Litre Concentrate

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Size : 1 Litre

Product Code: SL-V300

Selden V300 Low Foam Floor Cleaner Concentrate 1 litre


Help save the environment, use concentrates 


descriptionRemoves everyday dirt and grease on all types of hard floors. Low foaming the product is easy to use and rinses off quickly without leaving potentially sticky or slippery residues. Whilst mainly used as a mopping solution, Low Foam Cleaner can be used through a trigger spray when extra control is required or when cleaning walls etc. Ideal for use through scrubber dryers.
directionsFollow the pictorial guide on the bottle. Squeeze bottle to fill the top reservoir, when the reservoir is full tip the contents into either a trigger spray bottle or a bucket containing warm/hot water. A second dose may be necessary in larger buckets, do not repeat the dose into trigger spray bottles.
 Composition A high active blend of chelating agents and nonionic surfactants with a high degree of synergistic action.
 Appearance Clear Liquid
 Colour Green
 Cloud Point >35
 Density 1.072
 pH 10.0 - 11.0
 Fragrance Fresh Floral
 Stability 2 years in a unopened container
BiodegradabilityAll surfactants contained in Selden Products meet the requirements of the EU Detergent Directive 2005 – 2004/648/EC. This requires all surfactants to break down both quickly and completely into harmless material such as CO2 and water.
Product is for professional use only.