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Disposable Gloves

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Disposable gloves are beneficial to protect your hands from any kind of dirt. It helps you to complete your cleaning chores comfortably without any irritation.

Looking for soft and premium quality disposable gloves for household cleaning tasks?

Welcome to Regent Clean, we offer a versatile collection of high quality disposable gloves in different sizes, colours and materials that will surely keep your hands neat and clean. Our comfy disposable gloves are ideal for both bathroom as well as kitchen hygiene. We offer 100% effective home care disposable gloves within your budget in the UK.

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Disposable Household Gloves, Blue, LARGE

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Household Disposable Gloves, Blue Medium

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Disposable Household Gloves, Green, LARGE

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Disposable Household Gloves, Pink, LARGE

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Disposable Household Gloves, Pink, MEDIUM

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Disposable Household Gloves, Pink, SMALL

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Explore Disposable Gloves in unique Finishes

From nitrile gloves to supreme quality vinyl disposable gloves, unicare gloves, tough latex gloves to medical grade antibacterial gloves, we have everything that you are looking for in a healthy home ambience. Nitrile gloves are specially made from synthetic rubber. It means there are no chances of latex allergies. These disposable rubber gloves are robust and long lasting. They have been considered one of the tough and high performance gloves as they offer strong resistance to oily surface, chemicals and soil dirt as compared to latex or vinyl disposable gloves.

Nitrile disposable Gloves best for Medical Use and Manufacturing industries

Due to the high quality and durability of nitrile disposable gloves they are highly used in both the medical industry as well as manufacturing factories. As they have smooth exterior design, they provide best resistance to punctures, tears, cuts, abrasions and rips. Our top class plastic gloves are great for keeping the kitchen shelves dry, neat and clean. Moreover our extra large moisturizing gloves contain a natural lotion that makes your hands smooth and secured.

Household Disposable Gloves in Different Sizes

From household rubber latex gloves in large to medium sized vinyl powder free gloves, At Regent Clean, you will find zillions of colourful household disposable gloves 100 per box at affordable prices in the UK.

Where to Buy Disposable Gloves?

Feel free to explore our personal protective equipment disposable hand gloves online or in store at Regent Clean UK. We assure you will discover all the relevant home care cleaning products that suit your requirements.

We are one of the leading commercial cleaning suppliers in the UK. We love to provide 100% genuine and authentic cleaning products with attractive offers and discounts. Shop household disposable vinyl gloves UK online now! Enjoy 100% incredible customer service! Get Fast Delivery assurance!
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