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Mops may not be the most glamorous of products, but there's not a house in the country that couldn't benefit from one of our wide selection of mops. But it 's not your old-fashioned cloth mop and metal bucket, nowadays cleaning mops come in different designs for different types of cleaning jobs. Buy mops and mop handles on GREAT DEAL. If you feel a bit more comfortable using a mop and bucket; it doesn't mean that you don 't get the latest in design. With microfiber mop heads, self-wringing mechanisms in the mop and bucket, you 'll be able to get those floors shining in record time. Floor care doesn't end there though and you'll need a good quality floor cleaner to keep that kitchen in ship shape.

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Make sure your carpet is getting the best attention and conquer the crumbs with one of our carpet sweepers or take your carpet care routine to the next level with the incredible Mop. At The One Stop Cleaning Shop, we know how important the cleanliness of your business is. That is why we have a wide range of Mop Buckets for both industrial and consumer use. Whether it is for the office, school, or for your home; cotton, yarn or flat mops, One Stop has you covered. Because we care about our customers, we only work with brands we trust to deliver the best.

Cheap Mop and Bucket

Floor Mops and bucket set have come a long way in last many years, they’re now slightly more advanced with The different styles are: These kinds of floor mops come with a reusable or disposable cleaning mop head. Most flat mop brush cleaners have a microfibre mop head too, which is considered one of the best materials for a mop.

Mop Heads UK

Aim to replace your mop head every three months. It’ll help increase its lifespan of brush and mop. Most brands sell replacement industrial mop heads and some come with a replacement head. Before buying, check where you can buy new heads and sponge mops deep clean.