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Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes - Pack of 200. Powerful cleaning and disinfection wipes kill at least 99.99% of bacteria in as little as 10 seconds. Clinell Wipes & hand sanitizers are a single-step detergent and disinfectant wipe; suitable for use keeping surfaces free from viruses and pathogens. Clinell wipes are manufactured by GAMA Healthcare Company. Clinell wipes are designed to provide healthcare professionals with the most effective, efficient, and easy-to-use infection prevention products. These wipes represent a combination of easy-to-use innovative technology. These are high-quality disinfectants and detergents that are suitable for use on any type of surface and non-invasive medical devices and are therefore called multipurpose wipes.


CLINELL Universal Wipes, pack of 200

£5.25 £7.99
£6.30 Inc. VAT


Clinell Hand Sanitizer 50ml with retractable clip

£2.15 £2.99
£2.58 Inc. VAT


Clinell Hand Sanitizer 520ml Pump Bottle

£4.20 £5.99
£5.04 Inc. VAT

As a result, Clinell wipes can be replaced with different types of wipes needed. Clinell wipes are supported and validated by solid Clinell evidence. Clinell products are categorized into different categories according to their efficiency and effectiveness. Universal Range, Detergent Range, Antibacterial Hand Wipes Range, and Hand Sanitising Liquid Range are some good examples of clean wipes. Each range includes high-quality products designed for specific purposes.


The following is an explanation of some of these ranges:

 Clinell universal wipes are one of the most reliable wipes for cleaning and disinfection in a single stage. They are suitable for use on surface and non-invasive medical devices. The unique near-neutral pH formula of Clinell Universal Wipes is capable of killing germs at least 99.99% after 10 seconds, reducing norovirus and MRSA by 55% in one minute. Clinell universal wipes are also effective against the Covid-19 virus in 30 seconds.

Cleaning detergents are suitable for cleaning wiped multi-surfaces and equipment and for removing dust and alcohol and disinfectants. The formula for detergent wet wipes is designed to be usable in a healthcare environment. It is derived from herbal sources, and as a result, allows you to keep patients safe without harming the earth.

Other types of Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes include paracetamol acid range, spill wipes, antimicrobial hand wipes range, and with 2% chlorhexidine. Clinic parasitic acid wipes are ideal for daily use and for preventing and resolving outbreaks. They have been shown to be effective against high risk and hardening to kill bacteria, spores, and biofilms. Similar to Universal Wipes, peracetic acid wipes have a near-neutral pH formula which is at the same time very powerful and kind to the surface.

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