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RS 104703 12v Portable Handheld Mist Fogger Sprayer, 4 Litre

£149.99 £215.99
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Size : 4 L

Product Code: RS-104703

12V Handheld Mist Sprayer Item No. 104703 A handheld and battery-powered mist sprayer, which is designed for sanitising small to medium areas. With a generous 4 litre capacity, the sprayer projects a fine mist of droplets 50μm in size over 1.5m in distance, and at a rate of around 145ml per minute. It is powered by a 12v rechargeable lithium battery, and has an operating time of approximately 45 minutes, while taking an hour to fully recharge. It is recommended to charge fully once every three months. The unloaded weight is 1.4kg, and 7kg filled to capacity. Precautions Make sure that the solution is clean and free of impurities. If the amount of mist reduces, unscrew the nozzle to clean. After the container is filled it may take up to 30 seconds for the solution to reach the spray head once switched on. Size 40x12x28cm Use with Mirius V2 or Evans Safe Zone Plus to sanitizie areas

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