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Antibacterial Hand Gel

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We offer you a variety of antibacterial hand gels. Regent Clean guarantees to ensure that our antibacterial hand gel protects you & your family from coronavirus & bacteria. We are selling high collection brands such as reinol & evans. Our hand Gels is very efficient to use, handy & can easily fit into your pocket that you can carry with you while travelling. Most of the Sanitizers provided to you contain 70% alcohol that helps in fighting the toughest germs.

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Antibacterial Hand Gel

If No water to wash your hands? No problem. There's no more effective way of keeping your hands bacteria-free when on the go than using antibacterial hand gel. With its gel consistency, hand gel quickly and easily coats your hands and has a quick-drying formula, with high alcohol content, leaving your hands crisp and fresh whilst killing 100% of germs and bacteria on your hand in seconds.

Our hand gels couldn’t make it any more fun and convenient for you to keep your hands clean and fresh on the go with their different scents and compact sizes to fit in your coat pocket, handbag, car or on your desk, so you can use them anywhere. And for hand gel, you can trust our trusted branded anti-bacteria Reinol hand alcohol Gel to Reinol foaming alcohol-free hand gel.

The Antibacterial hand gel contains 70% alcohol and kills 100% of bacteria. On a daily basis, you’ll come into contact with germs and bacteria, from travelling on public transport to working at your desk, walking your dog or after taking a tumble. We’re always on the go and we understand that you’ll not always be near to hand soap and running water which is why carrying a hand gel can come in very useful. We have special Trigger Evans Germicidal Washroom Gel with sweet scents to promote good hand hygiene. Which provide cleanliness as well as freshness.

We offer a big size 5-litre plastic Alcohol Hand Gel that protects all the family.

The Benefit of Our Hand Gels

Advantages of waterless hand washing Gels:

• It takes less time than hand washing
• Act quickly to kill the micro-organisms on the hands
• Are more accessible than drowning
• Reduce the number of bacteria on the hands
• Do not promote antibiotic resistance
• The skin is less irritated than soap and water
• Some can even improve skin condition

So, don't miss the chance Enjoy great savings on hand sanitizer, deals & discounts. 100% effective Customer Service & Fast Delivery! Shop today.

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