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Regent Clean online store are selling abena incontinence products are suitable for varying degrees and all types of continence issues and consists of everything from anatomically shaped pads, belted pads, abena incontinence pads. Abena Pads are designed with a focus on the comfort and security of the end user. Within the Abena range are Abri-San pads. Discover the wide range colletion of Abena incontinence products at cheapest price list from Regent Clean.

Abena incontinence pads Online is your one-stop-shop for all your healthcare disposables. We offer a full range of container care products including absorbent pads, masks, pull-ups paints & bed protection, and skincare. To see the products that are most suitable for you.

Personal Restraint Care Provided By Experts

Unsatisfactory care should never be 'one size fits all. No two people are the same. People have different degrees of physiology, skin, and levels of imbalance. Differences in age, personality, lifestyle, and circumstances demand personal access to continuous care.

Our international team of trained and experienced container nurses and product specialists is always ready to guide you in your choice and use of products. In close collaboration with practitioners, we constantly develop product portfolios to suit the needs of consumers and carers.

Abena Incontinence Care Pad Supplies

For you, that means you can always count on Abena as a responsible, accommodating, and professional partner who has all the boxes checked and all the bases covered; At all times with your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Abena Pads Light - For Women

Abena pads Light is a range of thin, sensible pads for moderate dissatisfaction from our constituency, designed specifically for active women. Featuring our top dry technology, Ebena Light allows users to feel dry and comfortable while letting the skin breathe.

Abena Abri Pads

Unisex shaped pads in different types of absorption. Level 1 to 4 has an adhesive bandage that enables the pad to be secured in the underwear. Humidity indicators are shown above level 5. The Abri-San Special can be used for both urinary and fecal imbalances. These pads should be worn with fixation pants that fully support the pad and help prevent leakage.

Abena Abri-Form

All are available in 6 different sizes in one pad and there are many swellings inside most sizes. The soft, breathable back sheet provides more comfort to the wearer and promotes skin integrity. These products feature a super absorbent core and moisture indicators that can help you identify when the product needs to be replaced.

Abena Pads For Man

Abena Man is our special category of male imbalance products, specifically designed to fit male physiology. The design of ABENA Men's Incontinence Pads provides a sensible solution that enables the user to lead a normal and active life.

We strive to help you get better

We've made it our mission to make your life easier with complete product solutions that help you overcome concrete challenges. We strive to exceed expectations - in terms of continence care products as well as service and support - to help you with what you do.

Unit C1,
Austin Way Hampstead Industrial Estate,
Great Barr, Birmingham
B42 1DU, United Kingdom